The Bursic family

The Bursic family has for generations dedicated their time, knowledge and efforts into agricultural development. Nova Vas , with its undulating and sunny hills that veer towards the river, has always been, in its own special way, ideal for olive production. The conditions are exceptional: naturally diverse olive groves, an ideal terrain position and an optimal microclimate. For the Bursic family, olive production is a constant challenge whose ultimate goal is to achieve the utmost quality.



With the greatest respect and love which they feel towards the olive tree and its fruit, the
Bursic family felt compelled to try to merge the old with the new and in doing so, created a unique food product of undisputed and exceptional quality. The main goal of the family is to ensure an extra virgin olive oil whose addition to food offers a unique experience.

The Olive groves

The Bursic family’s olive groves are located in north-western Istria or, more precisely, south of Brtonigla towards the valley of the Mirna River. This is where the picturesque locale Nova Vas can be found, famous for its agriculture.
Interesting olive trees grow in the natural swirl of white, grey, black and red coloured soils, 100m above sea level. Year in and year out, they have been expanding, and at the same time, advancing the production of typical endemic Istrian olive trees. The Istrian bjelica, buža, bova, frantoio, leccino and pendolino are the cultivars that prevail in this specialised production.




The olives are harvested by hand. As such, the fruit is kept whole and contributes to the extra virgin olive oil’s high level of quality.



Upon harvesting, the olives are placed in open aired boxes and are transported the same day to be processed using the cold press method. In oil that is produced in such a way beats the heart of the entire fruit and stores all the harmony and power of nature.



The extra virgin olive oil is stored in stainless steel barrels at room temperature in a darkened room free of oxygen and other scents.

The cultivation of olives…

The olive tree is a Mediterranean plant and as such, needs a lot of light and air. The branching depends upon these prerequisites and they are essential for optimal yield results. Because of this, the Bursic family decided to use the polyconic vase cultivation method. This is a difficult cultivation method, but yields excellent results and a unique quality of olive oil.