The extra virgin olive oil “DE KLEVA” Bursic selection is a combination of five types of olives: the Istrian bjelica, buža, frantoio, leccino and pendolino. It is rich in polyphenol and antioxidants that are good for our health. It has a lovely clear golden-yellow colour with a distinctly defined glow of green nuances, and the scent of olive fruit, freshly cut grass and green almonds. It is slightly viscose on the palette and is harmoniously enriched with aromatic notes of rosemary and basil. Harmoniously piquant and bitter. We recommend it with bruschetta with tomatoes, various green salads, roast veal, as an addition to semi hard cheese…



The extra virgin olive oil “BUZA” is a varietal, endemic oil, with clear, intense green-yellow colours and accentuated green tones. Strong and complex scents with balsamic notes, rosemary, mint, celery, green bananas, half-ripe tomatoes and almonds. A slight bitterness and piquancy. Harmonious. It goes well with seafood appetisers, marinated vegetables, various seafood specialties and the delicious “Istarska maneštra” (Istrian minestrone).



The extra virgin olive oil “ISTRIAN BJELICA” is a varietal, endemic oil, upon inspection it is clear, with a distinct intense golden-yellow colour, delicately spreading through the nose, richly featuring artichokes, white apples and notes of balsamic herbs. A strong and complex flavour, quite bitter and piquant. Excellent with arugula salads, main meals of cepe mushrooms, aged cheeses, taljat of „boškarin” (a type of Istrian cured beef), barbequed meat and frittata with asparagus.



The extra virgin olive oil “LECCINO” is an oil with a clear green colour, strong aromas of olive fruit, chicory and freshly cut grass. It has a harmonious taste, with slight notes of bitterness and piquancy. It comes to the fore when preparing meals with vegetables, white meat, fresh cheeses, seafood specialties, and as an addition to gourmet meals made with seashells and vanilla ice cream.



The extra virgin olive oil “PENDOLINO” has a golden-yellow colour with aromas of olives, freshly cut clover, artichokes and a delicate scent of almonds. It piquancy is at the fore with its note of bitterness, leaving a fresh taste in the mouth. This oil can be added to any gourmet meal, but goes best with various meals made of mushrooms, pasta, risottos and chocolate cake.